About Us

"Parents are partners in their children’s learning."

About Us

Welcome to Targeted Student Support, a pioneering project designed to support Year 10/11 students in Derby who are considering transferring schools.

Based on a study of 14 schools in Derby, academic results were negatively impacted in 12 schools when it came to moves made outside normal admission times.

Young people who change schools outside the traditional timeframes generally perform at least one grade lower than their peers across all subjects. There is a strong link between moving schools and poor academic progress, especially in Year 10 and 11.

As a city we want to reduce the number of students moving schools by using one-to-one dedicated support sessions and counselling and innovative tools such as anger management workshops, mentor support, equine therapy and respite breaks.

Here you will be able to find useful links for schools, parents and students as well as all of our latest news and events and contact details.